Deaf Employment

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Employment and Income Generating Projects or EIGPs

Young adults that finish their schooling need jobs. Few regular businesses are willing to hire the Deaf so IDEA Philippines has established a number of businesses to offer employment.

All of the deaf employees are expected to become proficient in their jobs as they must compete with all other regular businesses. The hallmark of IDEA’s EIGPs is quality, good service, good facilities, and fair prices. It is on these qualities that we are able to succeed with our businesses.

If a business does generate a profit, that amount is funneled back into educating and caring for the deaf children in the schools.

Here are some of the businesses we are now involved in:

Garden Cafe, Tagbilaran, BoholGarden Café

Garden Café was opened in 1984. Initially it was a small bamboo snack center. It has undergone many renovations. The most recent was to turn the entire restaurant into an Old West, Cowboy restaurant / museum. It could also be called a theme restaurant.

In 2007, Garden Café is employing 25 deaf persons and 8 hearing persons. All hearing are required to become proficient in sign language.

Click here to learn more about the Garden Cafe.

Garden Cafe, Montana Roomcowboy-lee.jpg

Dao Diamond Bed and Breakfast

This small hotel is most popular with NGO (non-government organizations) and LGUs (local government units). They hold their live-in seminars and workshops here. It also caters to local and international tourists as well as group student tours.

Dao Diamond currently ( 2007) employs 14 Deaf and 6 hearing.

Click here to go to the Dao Diamond web site.

IDEA Pension House and Garden Cafebillboard-small.jpg

This small lodging house and restaurant is located in the quaint little town of Jagna, Bohol. It is a very clean and comfortable operation offering 14 well furnished private rooms and a spacious restaurant. All agree that the Garden Café restaurant in Jagna has the best food in town.

Click here to go to the IDEA Pension House web site.

Fly TyingFly Tying

Manager and BuyerThis small cottage industry produces artificial fishing bait for export. In 2007 there are 16 very highly trained deaf women working in this field. It is expected to at least double in 2008. IDEA is hoping to build them a permanent work shop soon.

Manager, Mart Lerma (deaf) with Buyer Mike Hoiness



Furniture and CabinetryIDEA Furniture

IDEA CabinetStill in its infancy, IDEA is making various wood crafted products for sale. This includes kitchen cabinets and, our most recent product, folding tables.


IDEA is ready to launch into pottery production with our new kiln and vocational training at the deaf high school, Bohol Deaf Academy.

Businesses in the future:



Wall Décor

Resin Casting