what happened in 2013

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While most everyone was looking to take a holiday break the day after Christmas, nine selfless volunteers from Faith Academy ( a Christian international school located in Manila) decided to come down to Bohol to help out some of the earthquake victims.  One of IDEA’s dorm mom’s home was totally […]

Day After Christmas

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The Department of Education engineers have declared the concrete classrooms formerly occupied by our deaf children to be unsafe to occupy in Loon.  There was little choice but to set up an IDEA provided classroom tent.  Luck for us, we had a large two pole, circus type tent that worked […]

Classroom Tent

I saw the government damage  statisics yesterday for Bohol from the quake and it reported 78,000 damaged structures and 6,800 homes totally destroyed.  Many of the people who lost their home to the quake are living in tents so the time is NOW to get emergency housing to them.  That […]

Emergency Houses Role Out