what happend in 2014

what happening in 2014

This year’s vocational training at the Bohol Deaf Academy has gone to a whole new level. Every Wednesday and Friday our High School students are getting the opportunity to learn job skills that will help them to find employment for summer jobs and hopefully long term employment after they graduate. […]

Taking the Show on the Road

Nothing encapsulates the vision and mission of IDEA more than the graduation ceremonies at the Bohol Deaf Academy. This year we had one young man and 7 young women graduating. As is the custom here in the Philippines the ceremony included all of the necessary pomp and circumstance and attention […]

Bohol Deaf Academy Graduation 2014

Through God’s intricate connections of timing, people at IDEA were made aware of the need. With 10 family members crammed into their temporary shelter under the tree, we felt it best to provide them with two core houses setup side by side. Although the combined floor space is only 387 square feet, this is a great place for them to begin the rebuilding process.

Answered Prayer