Bohol Deaf Academy

Cheer Dance Blue Team
It had been a tense few weeks, and the pressure was building at Bohol Deaf Academy (BDA) as students pushed through challenging projects and exams. One sunny day on September 26, 2017, the atmosphere suddenly changed from one of intense pressure to excitement. Maricel leapt into the sunshine with eager […]

BDA Intramural Games 2017

Joross and Glenda have been very excited for August to come. Both of them spent their weekends searching for the best traditional Filipino attire to wear for their school culmination activity during the National Language Month celebration. Joross and Glenda are both in the 7th grade and this was their […]

BDA Culminates Buwan ng Wika

An IDEA documentary, named “Amang,” follows the story of a nine-year-old Deaf named Aires. Like so many Deaf children growing up in the Philippines, she did not attend school. Instead, she stayed home to do chores like washing clothes and taking care of her younger siblings. Education for a Deaf […]

Changing the Fate of a Deaf “House help”

  The students were beaming with self-fulfillment as they received their graduation diplomas and achievement awards. Their parents couldn’t keep their eyes dry as they recalled the countless sacrifices that gave the moment special meaning. Their teachers’ faces lit up to see their students achieving a great milestone in their […]

Hard Work Pays Off

Christmas is a time to be merry. It’s a time when families and friends host parties to celebrate the season. This year, the IDEA family also gathered to celebrate all the people who keep our organization flourishing. The IDEA family kicked off the holiday season with a Christmas Party on […]

Christmas at IDEA

Mr & Ms BDA 2016
Darkness faded away and the golden rays of the sun started to break out. The students jumped out of their beds in excitement as the days they have been preparing for had finally come – the Bohol Deaf Academy Intramurals. The beating of the snare drums and large plastic water […]

BDA Intramurals

Jarred into a new consciousness visitors arrive here in Tagbilaran, Bohol feeling like they just got off a plane that dropped from the sky, our very short runway makes for some very dramatic endings!  Full of shock and awe they work their way through the throng of overly helpful attendants […]

Experiencing IDEA

Here at IDEA we often have the opportunity to host visiting mission teams. On January 2, 2015, seven wide eyed visitors bounced down the runway at the Tagbilaran airport and right into our lives. This team of young adults is the first ASL (American Sign Language) team to be dispatched to the Philippines by YWAM (Youth With A Mission).

YWAM Visitors Blessed With A New Perspective

Nothing encapsulates the vision and mission of IDEA more than the graduation ceremonies at the Bohol Deaf Academy. This year we had one young man and 7 young women graduating. As is the custom here in the Philippines the ceremony included all of the necessary pomp and circumstance and attention […]

Bohol Deaf Academy Graduation 2014