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Visiting a local government office is often challenging for the Deaf. Some Deaf are courageous enough to overcome the communication barrier with basic gestures while many decide to avoid the difficulties of public communication altogether. The unfortunate reality is that the communication gap isolates many Deaf from the public. As […]

Sign Language Class for the Local Government in Jagna

Loon Parents
Claudio thought that all he needed to communicate with his Deaf son were basic gestures and body language. When his son enrolled in school and learned sign language, Claudio soon realized how much he was missing. Claudio’s son, Dayjhay, actually had a lot to say, and Claudio could now see […]

Parents Sign Language Class

  The students were beaming with self-fulfillment as they received their graduation diplomas and achievement awards. Their parents couldn’t keep their eyes dry as they recalled the countless sacrifices that gave the moment special meaning. Their teachers’ faces lit up to see their students achieving a great milestone in their […]

Hard Work Pays Off

Christmas is in the air! When December came around, our deaf students began writing their Christmas wish lists with great expectation. Just like most children, the fun of Christmas is gifts. They have good reason for their excitement because IDEA makes sure their students receive a Christmas present each year. […]

IDEA Christmas Shopping

IDEA always makes our deaf students the top priority. As we are providing them all around care, we also see to their security at the dorm while they are in school. In Talibon, the dorm ran out of room since the number of students there continues to increase. Therefore, IDEA […]

Talibon Dorm Renovated

Three years after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Bohol and damaged the dormitories housing our deaf students, the Loon Special Education (SPED) students have been provided with a fully furnished, two-story dormitory designed to withstand earthquakes. The memory of that traumatic earthquake is still fresh to all who lived through […]

New Dormitory for the Deaf in Loon