Selling fish with his mother and helping people carry their goods at the market was all Leo knew when he was young. Leonardo, or Leo as his family and friends called him, was born Deaf. He is the third child of 11. His father provided for the family by farming […]

Leo: Garden Café’s Longest-Serving Employee

IDEA is producing an always-increasing number of deaf graduates, and job placement for them continues to be a great challenge for IDEA. Unfortunately, IDEA’s Employment and Income Generating Projects (EIGP) cannot accommodate all its graduates so we are always seeking other ways to help our graduates become self-supporting. IDEA’s founder, […]

Boholini Pizza, Now Open

Nathaniel was walking on the roadside with a full backpack and tears in his eyes. He left the dorm on his own. He had walked about 3 kilometers when a man on a motorcycle stopped to talk to him. Not knowing the man, Nathaniel just stared at him as tears […]

Nathaniel’s Sweet Success

“Really? Send my deaf child to school? What’s next after schooling? Could she get a job?” Parents often ask questions like these when our teachers and staff visit the homes of deaf children to recruit them to school. Convincing a family to send their child to school has never been […]

A Life Changed

IDEA has been providing avenues of employment for the Deaf in Bohol for three decades now through IDEA initiated Employment and Income Generating Projects (EIGPs). These employment opportunities include the Garden Café, Dao Diamond Hotel and Restaurant, IDEA Café and Pension House, Fly Tying Industry, and Hammer and Nails Livelihood Center, Inc. These […]

IDEA Deaf Jobs

Junry At Work
Beeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp. . . . . . A speeding motorcycle came screaming down the street toward Junry as he was cautiously pulling his scooter across the road on his way home from work. He didn’t hear the horn warning him to get out of the way. Maybe out of annoyance, the […]

A Spirit Lifted Up

Dennis with Hammer & Nails Construction Crew
One of IDEA’s Employment and Income Generating Projects (EIGPs) is the construction shop, now officially named Hammer and Nails Livelihood Center, Inc. (HNLC). The majority of its employees were once our deaf-student beneficiaries. Now, the number of our deaf graduates is undeniably increasing and it comes with IDEA’s increasing need […]

IDEA Shop on Progress